Sometimes we know we need help but don't know where to start.  Allow yourself to start discovering your true potential with a little support.  Asking for help is a huge step and you have already taken it!


Explore and see how I may be able to support you through this change.





The art of effective counseling not only addresses the identified need of the person, but the co-existing issues related to family, relationships, employment, education, spirituality, physical health, and mental health. I believe the development of an effective counselor depends on the presence of attitudes, reflecting openness to alternative approaches, appreciation of diversity, and most importantly the willingness to change.

Dawn Patrol Assessments provides effective and creative ways to support you through your journey.


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Dawn Martin

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Dawn is so attentive and patient, she truely heard me and my needs.


J. Kaneshiro




So easy to talk to...I loved the aquaponics project it was so different from anything counselors did with me before...something I will never forget.